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1-min Tip “What's the DIFFERENCE?”


"The brain's primary purpose is to keep you alive-- and it is constantly scanning the environment for change.

Because a change can mean danger.


How quickly can you show people the difference you can create in their world?

How is what you are asking them to do different from them doing nothing?

And most importantly: Are they safe doing this with you?." -- Dean Minuto

Brain Triggers: Alpha, Delta, Video

YESCALATE® Workshop for your Group

Who on your Team could you see working with Dean directly to GET TO YES FASTER®? 

ANNOUNCING TWO OPEN WORKSHOPS, Jan 17 and Jan 19:   A summary course in brain science and behavioral psychology giving your Team exercises to apply immediately to get to yes faster in an honest and ethical way.     

At the request of Boston-Area Vistage Groups these Two Events are Open to Everyone at a per attendee fee  (Discount for Vistage Members use code BOSTONYES).   

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Dean Minuto, Vistage Speaker of the Year 2014/15, and one of the country's top sales trainers, presents his Top 50 Tips to build your YES-CRAFT™ from YESCALATE: GET TO YES FASTER® Course. This series of one minute video tips was created as a summary of what CEOs and Executives who have attended Dean’s Workshop have said are their most valuable application tips.